Landscape Design East Auckland


Landscape Design East Auckland

In recent times we have been forced to re-evaluate our lifestyles and how we entertain ourselves at home.  We are now looking to reconnect with loved ones, hosting company and creating memores means out outdoor living spaces are what home owners are looking to invest in.  Are you looking for an expert in landscape design in East Auckland? By Design is an Auckland-based landscape architecture company that provides the skills you need to get a stunning outdoor space which you can host company, relax with family and create lasting memories.

When you work with us, you are sure to take pride in the high-quality, purposeful landscapes that we build. Whether you are embarking on a new build or require our services to transform your existing outdoor space, By Design is the team you should turn to.

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Most of us will invest at some time or another in home renovation, with landscape design becoming a more sought after requirement after we start to learn from the lessons of 2020 and get busy living. If you want to make the most of your landscape with a design that totally reflects your personality and requirements, the steady hand of a By Design landscape designer will make the process so much easier.

We work for the importance of landscapes and their features importance of landscapes and their features – and we can enhance your home and well-being with a clean, quality outdoor space.

Collaborating with you, we can and will meet whatever vision you have for your outdoor space. No matter the scale of your project, we will pay attention to every detail when we design your landscape to ensure we exceed your expectations and you get the best possible results.

Here at By Design, we are passionate about creating stunning landscapes that our clients love. Whether you want to transform your existing backyard or building a exciting new home, we guarantee that we will deliver the best results.

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How we will approach your landscape design in East Auckland

Over the years, we have found that designing a landscape is new to many of our clients.  Where to start, getting the layout right the first time, not wasting money on the wrong plants.  It can seem a bit daunting, we get that.  This is why we have created our “Landscape for Living Pathway”  a design process broken down into 3 parts. We aim to guide you through a enjoyable design and construction process.

Our pre-design phase has been proven over the years to benefit our clients far more than rushing into a design. It creates space to clarify the brief, including the expected budget and planning requirements.  We will help you prioritise your design brief, so you can work towards your ideal garden in stages if necessary.

By the time we reach the design phase, we will have created a more complete picture of your requirements to create an inspired, unique landscape. Critical to our approach is our “Attention to Detail”. During the Detail Design phase, we cover the indepth design for the key components so the contractors knows exactly whats required; setting out, decking, hardscape structures, fencing, gates, pools, planting plans, lighting, irrigation, rain water collection, every possible aspect of your design to ensure a smooth pricing and implementation.

The construction phase is when we build your garden. Working with trusted landscape contractors, we aim to go above and beyond your expectations to make your ideal garden.

The importance of landscaping

Having a gorgeous landscape that suits your lifestyle can greatly enhance your well-being. When your preferred garden design is flourishing at your own home, there is nothing more satisfying. We all deserve a place to relax, unwind and entertain with family and friends.

Our team knows plants – and we can often order them at lower than retail prices on your behalf. We also have an intuitive understanding of landscapes as systems. Your garden will have its own set of unique possibilities and problem areas. To optimise your space to suit your lifestyle, we can address them all. 

Save yourself time, money, and stress by working with a qualified and experienced landscape designer from By Design. We can craft you a garden space which is an extension of your home – an additional room to enjoy and unwind.  Our services include:

  • Landscape masterplaning to get the overall big picture
  • Pool & Spa design and building code compliance
  • Renovation of existing gardens and entertainment areas
  • Family entertainment spaces & Outdoor kitchens
  • Designs for coastal, dry, or complex sites 
  • Planting plans, from courtyard to lifestyle blocks
  • Garden lighting designs
  • Prelimnary costings and budget setting
  • Tendering, contractor recommendation and appointments
  • Project management, Overseeing & liaison throughout construction
  • Maintenance schedules for ongoing care

And so much more. We are passionate about creating stunning gardens that are uniquely yours. Choose us to provide a fresh direction that will help you create your perfect landscape design in East Auckland.

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Here at By Design Landscape Architects, our approach reflects a passion for unique plant material and considered design strategies. Whatever your project requirements, we will pay meticulous attention to your overall design concept to ensure the best results.

Developing a cohesive, site-specific design that marries your interiors with your landscape is a fantastic way to transform your outdoor space into something that belongs to the way you live. With the help of our thoughtful design process, you can expand your living space to encompass lush garden planting, vibrant entertainment spaces; including swimming pools, spas, or an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace.  Enjoy a relaxing space that is perfect for entertaining, taking time to yourself, and creating memories with the family.

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    Jane was faced a difficult task, however she remained persistent to create a design that we would love” We can’t wait for summer. Jane recommended our landscaper and we are also thrilled with the job that he has done. The whole process from start to finish was easy. Thank you Jane, we love our garden.
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