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Are you looking for a landscape designer in Auckland? Here at By Design, we know that good design often solves problems. We consistently develop thoughtful design solutions that our clients love.

We can tell you with absolute confidence that a landscape design is not one-size-fits-all. That is why we take time to get to know each client’s style, desires, needs, and constraints during their one-on-one consultations.

Reimagining a space you have lived in for a while or inherited can be difficult – many of us tend to get stuck in our ways. When you work with a By Design landscape designer in Auckland, we will help you prioritise the spaces in your garden and give you fresh direction to optimise the space.

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Getting quality landscape design in your outdoor space will enhance your home. 

Working with you, we will meet whatever vision you have for your outdoor space and exceed your expectations. No matter how big or small your project is, we will pay attention to every detail when we design your landscape to ensure you get the best possible outcome. 

When other professionals get involved with your project, we will work with them to ensure the design we agreed on gets implemented perfectly. These can include architects, planning consultants, engineers, pool companies, landscape contractors, and builders.

Here at By Design, we are passionate about forming and implementing unique design strategies to create stunning landscapes that our clients love. 

Whether you are embarking on a new build or want to transform your existing backyard, we guarantee that we will deliver the best results. Get in touch with us today!

Our approach

Undertaking a new landscape design is a new experience for many of our clients. 

Over the years, we have found that offering a pre-design phase for our clients is far better than rushing into a design. It creates space for clarity on the brief, including planning requirements and the anticipated budget. The pre-design phase exemplifies the way we prioritise full collaboration with our clients.

When we get to the design phase, we will have a more complete picture of your requirements to create an inspired, unique landscape. Attention to detail is critical to our approach – during the design phase, we cover every possible aspect of your requirements to ensure a smooth implementation.The construction phase is where we build your garden. Working with trusted landscape contractors, we aim to go above and beyond your expectations to make your ideal garden.

Why choose a landscape designer in Auckland?

If you feel there are some complexities to overcome or that the span of the project is far beyond the normal scope of design and planting plans, you are likely to need the steady hand of an experienced landscape architect.

Because how you utilise and feel about your home is significantly influenced by the design of your exterior space.

At By Design, we strive to marry your interiors and architecture to your site and develop a cohesive, site-specific design that belongs to the way you live.Let us take you through the advantages of working with a landscape architect or landscape designer in Auckland.

We know plants

Getting the best out of well-chosen plant species to achieve the end goal is what we offer. Taking into consideration aspects such as colour and form, we can find you low-maintenance, dry-tolerant plants, and plants that will thrive and establish in tough environments.

We can source and order the plants for you, often at less than retail cost. To take away all the hassle, we can even coordinate their delivery to your garden.

We see the big picture

We have an intuitive understanding of landscapes as systems. Your garden will have its own set of unique possibilities and problem areas, and to optimise the space, we will address them all. If you are looking for qualified and experienced landscape architects and designers, at By Design, we have trained extensively in the art of making details work together to serve the whole.

Ultimately, this skill of ours will save you time, money, and stress.

We will increase your property value

Investing in our services at By Design can increase the value of your home by as much as 15%. An inviting and sustainable outdoor space has huge appeal to potential buyers, especially when thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your property. So even if you intend to move on from your house in the future, you can reap the benefits of our services.

Elevating your landscape design

A garden should capture the spirit of the house and the personality of the owners. Our thoughtful design process will help you expand your living space. By Design services include pool design and compliance, outdoor garden spaces, spas and renovation, alfresco design, outdoor kitchens and family entertainment spaces, planting plans, garden lighting designs, best contractor recommendations, the appointment of contractors, liaison through construction, and more.

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    Jane was faced a difficult task, however she remained persistent to create a design that we would love” We can’t wait for summer. Jane recommended our landscaper and we are also thrilled with the job that he has done. The whole process from start to finish was easy. Thank you Jane, we love our garden.
    Simon H.

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