Pool Landscaping


Pool Landscaping

Are you looking for pool landscaping in Auckland?  Perhaps you are forging ahead with the plan for a great pool design to maximise the outdoor space you currently have.  Transform your pool area into a private retreat with By Design Landscape Architects.

Pool safety

New Zealand law states that swimming pools must be fenced, so all of our designs will mindfully incorporate this feature during the pool landscaping process.

Swimming Pool

If you are installing a new pool, our team will happily talk you through safety guidance for pool owners to ensure we can all find the best design solutions that comply with these guidelines.


Entertainment areas

Not only do pools facilitate swimming and fun family times, but they are also great entertainment areas. With a thoughtful design by a qualified landscape architect, your pool area can be an ideal entertain spot and to host great company. 

Picture yourself, family and friends enjoying outdoor fireplace, alfresco outdoor kitchen and barbecue, comfortable lounge seating on a hot summer’s day – with the pool right there whenever you need to cool off. Bliss.

A home resort

Clever landscape design can bring a resort holiday to you. Combining striking, clean lines in your hardscaping and lush restfull foliage in the garden will make your outdoor space feel like a boutique resort. Include a luxurious lounge area, daybeds, and tropical planting, and you can take yourself to Bali every time you step outside.

Pool landscape design

A swimming pool is so much more than its size, shape and materials. It is a distinctive element that is part of your backyard and a much-loved feature in the summertime. With creative, considered landscape design we consider; its positioning, surrounding landscape features and ensure seamless links to family entertainment spaces. Pool size, construction materials, function, overall style, covers, fencing and compliance and the budget are some of the design features to be considered. 

If you need some assistance with a cohesive pool design that fits well with your home and family get in touch with out expert design team.  

Design Discovery Call

Have you got a garden in need of modernisation or even a blank canvas but you don’t know where to start?

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    Jane was faced a difficult task, however she remained persistent to create a design that we would love” We can’t wait for summer. Jane recommended our landscaper and we are also thrilled with the job that he has done. The whole process from start to finish was easy. Thank you Jane, we love our garden.
    Simon H.

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