Landscape Architects Auckland


Landscape Architects Auckland

Are you looking for landscape architects in Auckland? At By Design, we take the time to understand your vision right down to the last detail so you can get the best quality landscape design.

Your landscape is more than just a sum of its parts or a space with a single outstanding feature. It is a flowing, continuous whole that not only includes the elements driving it, but also everything on the periphery – your house, your environment, where you live. 

Here at By Design, our approach reflects a passion for unique plant materials and well-considered design strategies. We consistently find thoughtful solutions that our clients love. No project can apply a one-size-fits-all approach, and we are here to help you reimagine your unique space and find the most optimal solutions.

By Design will deliver

Enhance your home with a quality landscape design.

Here at By Design, we have the extensive knowledge and experience that you need to get your project completed to the highest standards. Working with you, we will create a landscape that uniquely reflects your vision and optimises your space.

From the plants we choose to your irrigation system and the materials for your hardscaping, we can find the most sustainable solutions. 

We are passionate about forming and implementing unique design strategies to create stunning landscapes that our clients love. 

Whether you are embarking on a new build or want to transform your existing backyard, we guarantee that we will deliver the best results. Get in touch with us today!

How do we do it?

Many of our clients are new to landscape design, so we created a unique approach to working with our clients that accounts for this while prioritising full collaboration.

Our pre-design phase gives us room to work closely with you and clarify the brief, planning requirements and anticipated budget. This gives us a fuller picture of your requirements to create a landscape that is perfectly suited to you while providing you with the best opportunity to see the scope of what can be achieved.

Then, in the design phase, we cover all aspects of your requirements to ensure the implementation of your new landscape goes as smoothly as possible.

We build your garden in the construction phase, working with trusted landscape contractors to go above and beyond your expectations and create your ideal garden.

By Design is here when you need us

You should hire our team of landscape architects in Auckland when you want to use your outdoor space to its fullest potential. Trees, gazebos, retaining walls, tennis courts, swimming pools, dense garden paths, entertainment courtyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, and more are all within our design scope.

We will gladly help you find creative solutions to making your landscape meet your lifestyle requirements. 

Auckland is a big city – and every inhabitant has different landscaping needs. Whether you live in Pukekohe or the North Shore, we will deliver our expertise on any project.

The landscape architecture advantage

Bringing our team onto your project will enhance your landscape, providing a variety of benefits regardless of the scale of your work.

With you every step of the way

We can oversee and collaborate with you on your project from beginning to end and find solutions to any problems that arise. Coordinating with other contractors and professionals, we can bring your ideas to reality. Our ability to streamline the process will save you money in the long run.

Bringing value to your property

If you can imagine yourself moving on from your current property down the line, our services are still worth the investment. Creating desirable outdoor spaces that will only get better as time passes adds significant value to your property.

We know plants

By Design Landscape Architects in Auckland have a passion for plants. We know how to match your flora to your needs, finding plants that thrive in tough environments while taking into consideration aspects such as colour and form. We can source and order them for you, often at less than retail prices, to help streamline the process.

Why hire landscape architects?

Whether you are embarking on a new build or planning to transform your existing outdoor space in a landscaping project, working with a landscape architect will give you access to the widest range of skills available in the garden design industry. 

At By Design Landscape Architects in Auckland, we have trained extensively in evaluating sites to the most thorough degree. Applying our knowledge of construction methods, hardscaping materials, plants, and site conditions, you can transform your landscape into a cohesive, considered system.

Since we keep your design brief in mind and work alongside you every step of the way, you will get a landscape masterplan that harmoniously integrates your outdoor space into your lifestyle.

Design Discovery Call

Have you got a garden in need of modernisation or even a blank canvas but you don’t know where to start?

Start here and take the first step.
Request a free “Design Discovery Call” with Auckland Landscape Architect,

Jane McGuffie from By Design.

    After our call, you'll walk away with:
    • Clear steps on the design process and how to get your project started.
    • Information on our Needs and Option Review
    • Peace of mind knowing your on the right track.

    Jane was faced a difficult task, however she remained persistent to create a design that we would love” We can’t wait for summer. Jane recommended our landscaper and we are also thrilled with the job that he has done. The whole process from start to finish was easy. Thank you Jane, we love our garden.
    Simon H.

    By Design